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Arkandroid: Let’s make a Breakout Game with Unity3D! – Part 4

Nope, not so easy 😏 We’ve got a game to finish, remember? 😛

So I know I lied in the last post, we didn’t really add more blocks to the scene. But we did something important, we prepared the blocks so they can be initialized from a central controller, the GridController! Which is the name of the next script you will have to make!

On the scene, create a new empty object and on the Inspector, click on Add Component, go to new script and create a script with the name GridController. Then open it and copy the following code:

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Arkandroid: Let’s make a Breakout Game with Unity3D! – Part 1

Since I got to make an Arkanoid style game for my Game Development class, I was thinking “why not do it as a part of the #100DaysCode Challenge which I recently started?”

But instead of just making the game and talk about the progress on Twitter, I could actually do something even better!

Let’s make it together!

So in the next few days, I plan to post in detail how I made -and you can make too!- a simple Arkanoid style game with Unity3D. I’ll be writing these articles while making the game for my class. So if you have any ideas on how it could be improved, let me know in the comments.

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