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Arkandroid: Let’s make a Breakout Game with Unity3D! – Part 4

Nope, not so easy 😏 We’ve got a game to finish, remember? 😛

So I know I lied in the last post, we didn’t really add more blocks to the scene. But we did something important, we prepared the blocks so they can be initialized from a central controller, the GridController! Which is the name of the next script you will have to make!

On the scene, create a new empty object and on the Inspector, click on Add Component, go to new script and create a script with the name GridController. Then open it and copy the following code:

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R1D2: A minor setback… But that’s a good thing!


Remember when I said that with the summer break I will also get a ton of free time to do whatever I want? Well, the sad truth is that the exams are not over yet and there’s one last thing that needs to be done.

Two final projects for the Game Development class, the swan song of the semester.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Since the purpose of the #100DaysOfCode Challenge for me is to motivate myself even more to build stuff this summer, why not make these two games also a part of the challenge?!

So what are these two projects?

Both projects have to be made on Unity3D, in C#.

The first one is to make an Arkanoid style game while the second one is a very simple AR app using Vuforia.

The deadline is on June 13th so I’ll probably start working on them today, starting with the Arkanoid game.

More updates coming soon!

R1D0: Hello there! But why?

Seriously, why?

Why would I start a blog now? And more importantly, why should *you* care and read it? Alright, let’s take things from the start!

In the beginning was… a coder!

A few days ago I decided to take the #100DaysOfCode Challenge. The summer break is near and I will – finally – get some extra time to do all the things I’ve always wanted but couldn’t because of all the time the university was taking away. Work on awesome projects, learn new things, world domination! 😈

Err, okay, maybe not that last one 🤔
Anyhoo… 🙄

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